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News: We are running at a timeline of 3 to 4 weeks ahead for placement instead of our usual 7-10 days.

Briefly: Circulation of the daily commentary is approximately 70,000 professionals in various parts of the mortgage and real estate field, and related industries. It tends to be forwarded, which we don’t track, although I assume that not everyone reads it every day. The ad goes onto, where it is archived forever, and placed on where it is archived, grouped in the jobs section, and kept for 60 days. Ask Anjelica for “rushes,” “please place on top,” and wait list availability. Here are the basic advertising options:

1. $625 for a 150-word commentary ad for a specific job or for jobs, or a product across a wide territory. This includes a “blind” ad where the company is not mentioned by name and the resumes go to Anjelica and she will forward them and respond to applicants. (Companies often run these if they are replacing someone or want to stay under the radar.)

2. A bulk deal:
Alternative 1: $600/ad for three-five commentary ads
Alternative 2: $575/ad for six-eight commentary ads
Alternative 3: $550/ad for nine or more commentary ads

More ads can be purchased during the twelve months at bulk rates.

3. A web banner ad: $2,450 for an entire year. It includes a banner ad on our site and four commentary ads throughout the year which, at $575×4, pays for itself.

5. A “Company Spotlight” write-up of 400 words for $600: This opportunity highlights another side of your business that allows our readers to get to know you better. The company fills out five Q&A’s sent to you well in advance for you to carefully craft your answers, and the 400-word piece is run on Saturday mornings at the top. Please note, this isn’t a recruiting message or an advertisement for products but is an opportunity to show how your company helps society, borrowers, and employees in our industry.

6. Sponsoring the daily podcast for a week. A podcast is produced daily based on the daily commentary, but with added opinion and interviews. The sponsor is mentioned in the lead paragraph of the written commentary each day during the week and writes the 30-second sponsorship announcement at the beginning and end of each podcast. (To listen to the audio version of today’s commentary, please click here.) Cost for a week $3,795/week. Contact Robbie Chrisman at for information.

Sponsored interview segment. Sponsors can send on an interviewee of their choice to be interviewed for 5-10 minutes, with topics of their choosing. Sponsoring company will receive an introduction and a thank you. Cost $795. Contact Robbie Chrisman at for information.

Commentary Ad Specs: 150 words or less and 4-5 sentences in paragraph form (the what’s, who’s, where’s kind of thing – anything that sets you apart).  Please provide an email link for new hire mentions or a contact name for hiring managers (please no generic emails).

Banner Graphic Ad Choices:  File format options:  jpg, gif, webp, or png files with dimensions of 120(W) x 180(H) pixels.  Please let us know the Title you wish above the graphic. Please submit the URL link for the landing page. We will replace the Graphic Banner and the URL upon request. Let us know if you change the landing page.  Please let us know if you want to track clicks on the banner ( see reporting menu for banner clicks).

A simple invoice, with instructions will be e-mailed to you or your accounting department, once the ad is scheduled out. Upon receiving the invoice, you will have 30 days to make a payment online (using the invoice number) or by mailing in a check.  

Lastly, please allow a lead time of at least 5-6 weeks to schedule your ads. (You can reserve days well in advance and send us the actual ad the day before.) 

This is great PR to a concentrated audience at a reasonable price! We look forward to helping you fill roles, bring your product to market, and publicize your name.

You can use the form below to submit your ad, or you can contact Anjelica directly as well.

To receive analytics or constant contact reports please indicate “yes” on the form below
and on the day after your commentary runs, please fill out
the form online here to request which reports you need. Thanks!