Help and General Information

Not Receiving your Commentary via email?

Here are some possible solutions:

1) We understand that the commentary is sometimes forwarded to co-workers. But when this happens, know that some of them or one of them will “unsubscribe” thereby unintentionally ending your subscription – that is the way that Constant Contact works. Instead ask them if they would like to receive commentary and have them go to the website to subscribe, that way they have their own record in constant contact for which they can optionally stop. If  you think this has happened please first try to  re-subscribe. ( just use the Subscribe in the menu ). If all else fails use the Contact Webmaster link at the bottom of the page.

2) Some have IT in their work community that regularly filter out emails, please advise them of your subscription and have them add the commentary to their safe to receive/whitelist.

3) You can add the email address of incoming commentary to your own whitelist to receive the commentary; see this article and this article for further information. One link describes different ISP solutions, the other describes individual mail clients and how to add safe senders to your own whitelist ( contacts ). Both are Constant Contact articles.

4) If in the unlikely event your commentary is found in the spam folder of your email client you should try to “train” your email client ( by clicking “Not Spam” ) or be sure to follow the advice solution 3 where the commentary is added to your own whitelist.

Ultimately if all fails be sure to contact the webmaster ( link at bottom of page ) to intervene and try to find the solution for you.

Thanks, and happy reading!


Want Data?

For banner graphic click through data please request it either through the web form or when the graphic is sent to us ( or email directly ). (Also give heads up to Jeli when sending her your info). Special coding is needed for that, so we’ll need a heads up first. Analytics are available in the User Report ( see on menu). Preferences are for you to use UTM parameters in your links, with your own Google Analytics accounts. This is because the switch google has made from Universal Analytics to GA4. See the reporting menu for an article on UTM parameters.

Constant contact reports are created manually; please fill out the request form ( under Reporting on the menu). Please limit your requests to four dates or less. Please do not mail your requests directly to the webmaster, use the form instead.

For Google Analytics please see the reporting menu and choose “Google Analytics Report”. The interface allows for a particular day or a date range. For a particular day just choose the begin and end date as the same day. Page Two of the report has some outbound data.

When filling out any of the commentary ad requests, and you are also submitting a banner graphic, indicate whether you want special coding for its data to appear in the User Report, by ticking the box for Google Analytics.
All links that appear in the web commentary have data for their click throughs in the User Report.