Ed Rosenthal

Hi, my name is Edward Rosenthal, and i was born in Rochester NY where my father was a son of a Russian ( Poland) immigrant in 1902. Perhaps that is why i loved Russian music and authors, and even their language. I learned chess as well, and taught myself Cyrillic so i could read Moscow chess bulletins. I enlisted July 1966 in the USMC (Parris Island, Hawaii) and later lived in San Francisco. I studied at San Francisco State and earned a B.A. in Poetry/Creative Writing. I was working on a M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology at John F. Kennedy in Orinda, when i took a job at Lawrence Berkeley Lab. I worked at LBL for 15 years in operations, consulting and business programming, and later worked freelance in S.F. with Oracle and Informix databases, doing a lot of programming and DBA. I live in Corvallis OR with my wife Pam and our dogs, some adopted while we ran a dog rescue out of Santa Rosa CA.  I build websites where you can find me at https://highersourcesites.com/. For any reason you can email me at ed@highersourcesites.com.