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When the public sees headlines like, “A Black Couple had a White Friend Show Their Home and Its Appraisal Rose by Nearly Half a Million Dollars,” of course regulators are going to take note, as will the public. In response to the public relations nightmare, from Wyoming comes, “No man is completely useless; he can always serve as a bad example.” From Illinois comes a famous Jay Leno/Hugh Grant video. (Skip the ad.) I imagine’s staff is putting in some OT trying to focus on borrowers rather than care about what the rest of the industry thinks about the lender. Are you still working long hours? In residential lending, you’re in the minority as most lenders have eliminated overtime. Did you know that in Portugal, it is illegal for a boss to contact an employee after hours? And starting 1/1, the United Arab Emirates will move its weekend from Friday–Saturday to Saturday–Sunday, and will roll out a 4 1/2-day work week for state employees. That aligns the country’s work week with much of the rest of the world, but is a departure from the norm in the Gulf region where Friday is a holy day in Islam. Will the private sector follow suit and the UAE align with the majority of the world in its work week? It could make it more competitive at attracting overseas investment compared to regional rivals. (Today’s podcast of the commentary is available here and this week’s podcast is sponsored by Candor Technology.)




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TPO, broker and lender services & products


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Well underway, U.S. Bank Correspondent Lending will complete its technology migration in 2022, giving all its customers a modern end-to-end experience with game changing features, including but not limited to product and pricing capabilities, pipeline, document and conditions management and a lender workflow for delivery review and funding of loans. Client pilot users share: “US Bank portal is hands down one of the best investor sites we are using!!!! Very slick and easy to use! Love the responsiveness with the comment section and the milestone reader is amazing.” “I love, love, love the new portal. Functionality is easy to find, and the site is lightning fast and intuitive.” “Our employees love the new system; we are seeing improvements across all areas from registration and locking through purchasing.” Immediately following the migration of Correspondent customers, U.S. Bank will begin transitioning HFA clients to the Lender Portal.

Customer service information


It’s been said that a person’s view of the Grinch character in the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” says a lot about them. Do you think of the grumpy Grinch at the beginning of the story or the transformed Grinch at the end? In his December Customer Experience Tip, STRATMOR’s Mike Seminari encourages lenders and originators to tap into their transformational “Grinch energy” to put together a strategy and game plan to gain a fair share of the predicted 75% purchase market in 2022. “Remember that the purchase loan process is often much more emotionally charged than the refinance process,” says Seminari. It’s important to acknowledge that and establish an emotional connection with customers who are anxious about securing their dream home.” Seminari shares insights and suggests steps to creating more delight in his new tip, “How Can Lenders Tap into Their ‘Grinch Energy’ for a Spectacular 2022?

Drama in bank mergers?


The CFPB continues to gain power and expand its reach, stepping on various toes along the way. Yesterday, posted on its website, was a piece penned by the Director titled, “How Should Regulators Review Bank Mergers?” Along with it was a link to another statement, “Joint Statement of Martin J. Gruenberg and Rohit Chopra Members, FDIC Board of Directors Request for Public Comment on the Bank Merger Act.”

Not so fast, said the FDIC. “Earlier today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) posted on its website a document, purportedly approved by the FDIC, requesting comment on bank mergers. No such document has been approved by the FDIC. The FDIC has longstanding internal policies and procedures for circulating and conducting votes of its Board of Directors, and for issuing documents for publication in the Federal Register. In this case, there was no valid vote by the Board, and no such request for information and comment has been approved by the agency for publication in the Federal Register. The FDIC has a proud 88-year history of Board members working together in a collegial manner. This history has spanned many Presidential administrations, and countless philosophical differences on substantive issues among Board members over the years. Notwithstanding the actions taken today, the FDIC expects this time-honored tradition of collegiality and comity to continue.”

LIBOR to SOFR transition


We’ve known for years that LIBOR is going away, and it appears that the CFPB is catching up. The CFPB finalized a rule facilitating the transition away from the LIBOR interest rate index for consumer financial products, establishing requirements for how creditors must select replacement indices for existing LIBOR-linked consumer loans after April 1, 2022.

Fortunately the vast majority of U.S. financial market participants say they are prepared to cease issuing contracts linked to LIBOR by the end of the year, a Practice Insight survey found. Among those responding 18% said the shift away from Libor will go smoothly, 25% said there will be minimal disruption and 25% believe there will be significant disruption.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD have been keeping us informed for quite a while.

Capital markets


We finally had a quiet day in the bond markets yesterday as a “cautious risk appetite related to Omicron worries” wasn’t enough to cause much movement ahead of today’s U.S. inflation data. We also have next week’s monetary policy decisions from our FOMC, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of England. On the data front, initial jobless claims fell to 184k last week, which included the Thanksgiving Day holiday. Meanwhile, job openings were close to record levels at 11 million, indicating a very tight labor market. Wage inflation is going to be something the Fed pays close attention to moving forward. The “quits rate,” a leading indicator of inflation, edged down to 2.8 percent after hitting a high in September. Estimates still peg unemployed workers at roughly 7.5 million, showing that there is still additional supply in the labor market. Remember, the unemployment rate doesn’t count people who haven’t worked for over six months.

The week closes with more on inflation which of course could feed into 2022 rate hike odds if notably different from expectations. November CPI came out at +.8 percent, an annual rate of +.6.8 percent, as expected, while core CPI (ex food and energy) was +.5 percent, spot on expectations. Later this morning brings preliminary December consumer sentiment. After yesterday’s $22 billion 30-year bond reopening was met with weak demand, there are no bond auctions today, though the Fed will purchase up to $4.4 billion. We begin National Salesperson Day with Agency MBS prices roughly unchanged and the 10-year yielding 1.48 after closing yesterday at 1.49 percent after the inflation data came in as expected.

Holiday season is in full swing. Thank you to Texas’ Cole H. who sent this wonderful idea presented in a short video. Wouldn’t it be fun to do this with doc drawers, funders, or underwriters when they wrap up a loan!?


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