Information Management Network Single Family Rental Forum

20may(may 20)9:00 am22(may 22)5:00 pmInformation Management Network Single Family Rental Forum

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Key areas of focus for this year’s event program include Corporate Strategy, Build-For-Rent, SFR Market Overview, Financing, Fix & Flip, Operations, Sub-Markets and Technology, as well as over 12 hours of built-in dedicated exhibit time and networking. If you’d like to take a look at the full program, along with the previous attendee list (over 1,800 on-site attendees), please let me know and I could send over.

Sponsorship/Exhibit & speaking opportunities are still available. For more details or to register individuals/groups pls respond back. Thanks, Lia.

Confirmed Speakers To Date:

  • Michael Nunziata, Division President, 13th Floor Homes
  • Keith Lind, Chief Executive Officer, Acra Lending
  • Jeffrey Lemieux, Managing Director-Correspondent Lending and Investor Loan Division, Acra Lending
  • Mark Wolf, Founder & CEO, AHV Communities
  • Diego  Quijada, Managing Partner, Alva Stone Group
  • Pedro Quijada, Managing Partner, Alva Stone Group
  • Gashar Dixon, President, Angelstone Real Estate Venture Partners
  • Danilo  DaSilva, Senior Vice President-Portfolio Management, Appreciation Homes
  • Patrick J  Anderson  , Head of Asset Management, Arrived Homes
  • Jessica Foster, Business Development Officer, Atrium Management Company
  • Michael Krause, Owner, Atrium Management Company
  • Jessica Foster, Business Development Officer , Atrium Management Company
  • Michael Krause, Owner, Atrium Management Company
  • Alex  Becker , Principal, Auben Realty
  • Stefan  Shircel  , Director – Client Engagements, August Hill Partners
  • Lino Maldonado, President, Behome247
  • Scott  Yesner , Founder, Bespoke Stay
  • Chris Skardon, Co-CEO, CIO, Bridge SFR
  • Pratik  Sharma , Managing Director, Bridge Tower Partners 
  • Charles McKeag, President, Brightsky Residential
  • Oren Segev, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Brite Group Holdings
  • Wagner  Nolasco , President, Build 2 Rent Direct LLC
  • Rick Sharga, VP Partner Relations, C.J.Patrick
  • Dave  Platter , Co Chief Investment Officer, Capital Square 
  • Jonathan  Trott, Co Chief Investment Officer, Capital Square
  • Miguel Gutierrez, COO, CapREIT/Homaj Real Estate Advisors, LLC
  • Brent Long, President – Development, Christopher Todd Properties®
  • James Bagley, CEO, Citicommunities LLC
  • Brendon Davis, SVP-Sales & Marketing, Citizen Home Solutions
  • Casey Quinn, Chief Executive Officer, Citylife Realty
  • Greg Hebner, Managing Director, Community Rebuild Partners
  • Zach Beck, National Sales Manager, Conservice
  • Jim McGinley, Executive Vice President, Development & Capital Markets, Covey Homes/MORE Residential
  • Shmulie Schochet, CEO, Crown Field Services
  • Vimal Patel, BTR Business Development Manager,David Weekley Homes
  • Alex Lugovoy, Founder, Dobrin Homes
  • Paul Megler, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Dreamfinders
  • Daniel Osman, Head of Sales and Operations, Easy Knock
  • Robin Simon, Partner, Easy Street Capital
  • Beth O’Brien, CEO & Founder, Encore Finance
  • Brad  Chmura, COO, Encore Finance
  • Scott Martino, CEO, End Point
  • Keaton Herrera, Partner, Family Development
  • Danielle V. Jackson, Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Firstkey Homes
  • Ted Farry, President, Fortune Acquisitions
  • Corey Hanker, Managing Partner, Fortus Acquisitions, LLC
  • James Riter, Director of Investments & Development, Gather Real Estate
  • Joseph Parsons, Managing Director-Investments, National BFR Lead, Greystar
  • Theodore(ted) Karatz, Managing Director/Head of Build to Rent Acquisitions, GTIS Partners
  • Peter Ciganik, Managing Director, GTIS Partners
  • Sayam  Ibrahim , CEO, Hero Homes General Partner LLC
  • Alex Kim, Co-Founder, Homebase
  • Kyle  Evans , Director of investment, ILE Homes
  • Dan Brady , VP of Acquisitions, ILE Homes
  • Mahesh Shetty, CEO, ILE Homes
  • Derek   Turner, Director of Technology, ILE Homes
  • Rainer Richter, EVP, INB Homes
  • Paul Hughson, Executive Managing Director, Island Capital
  • John  Keeton, Owner, JKMD Homes LLC
  • Alexander  Sifakis, President, JWB Real Estate Capital
  • Charles Goodwin, Director of Sales, Kiavi
  • Stephanie Casper, Chief Revenue Officer, Kiavi
  • Liya Mo, Vice President-Acquisitions & Originations, Lafayette  Real Estate
  • Josh Nathan, Principal, Lafayette Real Estate
  • Uri Man, EVP, Land Tejas
  • Chris Kopacek, Principal, Lonestar Development Partners
  • Bob Zev, Managing Director, Los Angeles Luxury Furnished Housing 
  • Bo Lais, CEO, Llula
  • Mike Bednarski, Managing Partner, LyvWell Communities
  • Mitchell Roschelle, Principal and Managing Director, Madison Ventures +
  • Kyle McCaw , President & CEO, McCaw Property Management
  • S. Wade McGuinn, Shareholder, McGuinn Hybrid Homes
  • Jason Myers, Vice President,  Business Development, MCS
  • Christopher Tyson, President, NCST
  • Charles Tassell, COO, NREIA
  • Joe Riley, CEO, Patriot Family Homes
  • Louis  Amaya, CEO, PEMCO Capital Management
  • Justin Clements, Co-Founder, COO, Pest Share
  • Tom Clements, Co-Founder, CRO, Pest Share
  • Daniel Kattan, Managing Director, Property Investment Advisors
  • Zach Persky, VP-Acquisitions, Quinn Residences
  • Chris  Ragland, Founder and CEO, Ragland Realty
  • Chase Davidson, Manager of Build-to-Rent – Capital Markets, RangeWater Real Estate
  • Justin Parker, CFO, RCN Capital
  • Maggie  Norton Tomberlin , Sales Executive, Real Protect 
  • Grant Anderson , Property Teams Manager, Real Wealth Network
  • Rebekah  Anderson , Property Teams Manager, Real Wealth Network
  • Isaac Kyle, Founder & CEO, REALTY LOGIX, LLC/Goal
  • Lydia Winkler, Co-Founder & COO, RentCheck
  • Daniel Cardona, VP of Investments, Resibuilt
  • Jay Byce, President, Resibuilt Homes
  • Aaron Ru , Principal, Ret Ventures
  • Grant  Drzyzga, President, Revela
  • Todd Ortscheid, Chairman, President, CEO, & Owner, Revolution Rental Management
  • Greg Brooks, Chief Growth Officer, Rocket Station Real Estate
  • Rob Fuller, CEO, ROIPGM
  • Melanie French, President of Real Estate Management, RR Living
  • Amy  Barricelli, Senior Vice President, RR Living 
  • Sean Connolly, CEO, Scale Virtually
  • Doug Faron, Managing Director-Investments, Shoreham Capital 
  • Dani Beit-Or, Owner &CEO, Simply Do It
  • Jim Shiels, Co-Founder, Southern Impression Homes
  • Dean Myerow, Co-founder, Southern Waters Capital
  • Ray Mazzie, Managing Partner, Southern Waters Development
  • Derek  Jarr, Founder & CEO, Stay Frank
  • Larry Baum, Managing Partner, Stellar Communities
  • Eddie Blanco, Broker/Owner, Stratwell
  • Mr. Tauheed  Siddiqui , Founder and CEO, TAAS Investments
  • Mark Burch , Business Development Manager, Temple View Capital
  • Mark Pearson, Partner, Texas Oak Capital
  • Tarry Summers, Principal, The Columbus Home Company
  • Adam Whitmire, VP, Acquisitions, The Whitmire Group, LLC
  • Thomas Fichman, SVP-Investment, Tricon Residential 
  • Paul Williamson , CEO, True Legacy Homes
  • Sandeep Shah, Founder & Manager, Vitae Capital
  • Rafael Sidelsky, Chief Investment Officer-Real Estate, w5 group
  • Mr. Ting Qiao, CEO, Wanbridge
  • Jamie Bedner, COO, Wedgewood  
  • Anil Sharma, Whole Loan Trader, Wedgewood Loan Assets
  • Joshua  Bederman, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Westport Capital Partners LLC
  • Gary Hall, Operations Manager, Westshore Property Management 
  • Rod Mullice, Managing Partner, Windsor Stevens
  • Adam Wolfson:, CEO & CIO, Wolfson Development
  • Pat Flynn, President , Yellowbird Homebuyers
  • Dan  Zitofsky ,CEO, Zitofsky Capital Management


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May 20, 2024 9:00 am - May 22, 2024 5:00 pm(GMT+00:00)


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